Children's Photography

The advantage of mirrorless cameras for children’s photography

When it comes to purchasing a camera there are quite a lot of choices out there. My personal favorite camera as of the writing of this article is the Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera.

Now before you even say it, keep in mind, I have shot pro sports, live concerts, and countless other events while working as a press photographer. I have shot with many different cameras but I myself prefer Nikon.

That isn’t to say that Nikon is better. It is just my preference.

So why mirrorless for children’s photography?

  1. Auto eye focusing is a game changer. It allows working a super shallow depths of field while almost never missing focus.
  2. It allows for focusing from edge to edge, not just in the center focusing area. This allows me to compose my image in camera with much, much, less cropping post processing.
  3. The live electronic view finder gives me a preview of what my photo will look like before I take the picture. This means there is much less chance I will have my settings wrong and they will go unnoticed (yes, I make mistakes sometimes!).
  4. The size and weight are a welcome relief compared to my larger heavier mirrored cameras.
  5. The lenses are nothing short of outstanding for the Nikon Z system.

So this is where my investment in gear will be moving to in the future. I am saying goodbye to my mirrored cameras. We had a good run.